The School of Everlasting Glory

The Four Humble Bondservants

The Roar of The Lion

Nehemia Gordon, of, is The Messenger that Sits under The Trees upon the  Hill, Awaiting MidNight to Come, that the Scales of Blindness upon the Lion EYES 
will Bee Removed for NOW is the Appointed Time!

The Face of The Man

Michael J. Rood, of, is The Messenger of The Mystery of Solomon 
.  .  .  found on the East Coast!

The Horns of The Ox

Michael Petro, of, is The Messenger of The Mystery of Moses 
.  .  .  found on the West Coast!

The Wings of The Eagle

Michael K. Lake, of, The Messenger of The Blood from Above the Emerald Ocean, across The Blueness of the Sky, Sprinkling ALL 
that WE May SEA & Taste Yeshua's SALT upon OUR LIPS NOW and for ALL TIME.

Then . . . perhaps You’ll Bee Ready to Enter Into
The Everlasting Glory!

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