What’s My Torah Portion?

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So what is a Torah Portion Anyway?  

The Oracles of God were entrusted to the Hebrews.  
Their scribes have preserved the word for US since the days of old.  The Torah is the first five books of The Holy Scriptures, and were written through the inspiration of YeHoSHuA’s Holy Spirit upon Moses.

  Each week a portion of the Torah is studied and on the Sabbath Day the Children come before their Family, Friends & Ecclesia and read out loud reciting scripture then share what YeHoSHuA’s Holy Spirit taught them about the lesson.  Then each older family member can then share what the Ruach Kodesh, Holy Spirit, taught them and how they were able to share it with others in love during the week.

So each Sabbath Day the weekly Torah portion is read and explained.  When there is a birth during that week, the Ecclesia take special note as to the lesson as it relates to the child’s life purpose to understand and fulfill.

So with birthdate/time in hand we can determine what Torah Portion was being studied and read on The Sabbath Day during a birth week!  Just enter in a birthdate and click convert to convert the Gregorian Calendar dates, paganism we’ve all inherited, into the Rabbinic Hebrew Calendar dates, even more paganism we’ve all inherited.  The new date and the weekly Torah portion link is given.  The Torah Portion links begin with Parashat ???.  That will take you to the web page that identifies the Torah portion passages and links to Hebrew & English versions of the scriptures via the Sefaria website!  The highlighted portions identify the relevant text.

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